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Connecting Skill With Opportunity…. Jobs in India has been founded with a mission to bring talent and companies together & assist people find jobs in India.

Jobs in India posts listings for job seekers in every industry, every level from entry to executive, and every lifestyle (Work from home, freelance, part-time, internship, full-time).

Founders Message

Founders Message

Jobs In India?

Join the Movement :: Work From Home

Jobs in India is going the extra mile for those laid off due to Covid-19

Coronavirus has brought with it several crippling blows to the global economy. The most apparent impact has been the furloughs and layoffs across the Industry.

Jobs in India is making an effort to assist those who lost their livelihoods because of the Covid-19 pandemic by offering assistance to Job Seekers in making connections with Potential Employers and Placement Consultants.


Work From Home is a new way of work life!

Job Seekers, Employers and Placement Consultants across the world are adapting to this way of working amidst COVID-19.

We welcome people of all identities and backgrounds

Seek Support of All! Join Us !! Go for New Way of Work Life !!! Work From Home !!!!

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Assist those who lost their livelihoods because of the Covid-19 pandemic

Ashok Gulati
Jobs in India

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